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Stephane Sensey is a French photographer raised in Biarritz in the south west of France. He bought his first camera while he was a student in Spain at the age of 19, and a year later took his first photography class while attending college in San Francisco bay area of California. At the time photography for him was simply a hobby, a way to develop his artistic skills, but the chance to direct a book about his home town in France later allowed him to fully understand his love for the medium.

Stephane moved to Bali in 2004, and his passion for photography exploded. He began to travel in order to capture the images he craved, developing a distinct style which he applied from New York to Papua. His goal was always the same: to capture the soul of the world around him. “My style has grown out of a love for painting,” says Stephane. “I use the camera like a brush to paint light and composition, creating imagery that draws emotion from the viewer.”

Several exhibitions in Bali followed, and then a book: Walok, about the Dani tribe of Papua.     

“Photography for me has been a journey of discovery, a passage to the soul of current realities.”


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'Walok’, meaning love in one of the many dialects of the Baliem Valley, is a visual journey into the world of the Dani Tribe. With a focus on black and white portraiture, Stephane Sensey displays his masterful photographs of the Dani lands and people through these pages, capturing the essence of a society left behind by time. Accompanying his photographs, Edward Speirs delicately explains the lives of the subject people, revealing odd pieces of their culture, belief and history.     

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